New Studio Space!

On June 1st I got the key to my new studio space! My current space is right about 100 sq ft, which is tiny. Like really tiny. The new space is close to 900 sq ft, and you’re not going to believe the ideas I have!

This video is from the first day in, showing how much work it needed to be up to my standards. Getting a store front studio is a dream come true, so I’m making sure it looks like what I’ve always wanted.

So, I’m not great at videos… but I’ll get that all figured out eventually. Here are some photos… which make me cringe because it looks so amazing now!

The Outside

The Main Studio

The Kid’s Playroom

The Prop Room

The Bathroom

There’s a storage room and a loft area, but I’m not concerned about those at this time. I had given myself a 1 month timeline to flip this store front… but I ran into quite a few issues along the way. So it’s been quite a bit longer.
Be on the look out to see some updates of the space! And be sure to follow me on Facebook to see progress posts –

Who? Me?!

Well, I did it, my very first blog post! As my business has exploded this past year, it is time to really get this going. I’m EXCITED!

Me? My name is Amber and I’m the lady who calls (and does) the shots here at A Memory In Time Photography. Notice my awesome pun there? I do that a lot 😀

Anyway, I picked up my first dslr around 2009. I wanted to capture the moments of my son being little and curious, in higher quality than a point & shoot.

Well then I had my 2nd son, which was time to step up my game. I applied for my business license, registered my name and thought, “what the heck am I even doing?!”. With that, I purchased canvas backdrops and did photos of my 2 boys, which weren’t to bad. 

Then I started borrowing my cousin’s babies (I have a HUGE family). It was hard. It was too hard and I faced the decision that doing studio style babies & kids was not working for me. I spent so much money on my camera, something needed to happen. 

So, I went back to school. Nope not for photography, for Medical Assisting. My dream has always been to be an OB-GYN or Pediatrician. But having 2 babies, 3 jobs, a house (my husband & I were flipping), along with student loan debt from my Business Degree, I needed something that’d work for ME. However, life threw my family a curve ball, baby #3, a GIRL. Yay! Wait a minute, how am I going to do all of this? I didn’t even know what was going on! My world was spinning way off course.

But Graduation came, (4.0! Not bragging, I worked hard for it!) and I was nursing and doing lab work in a huge Pediatrics office. I absolutely loved it. 

A car accident turned me, my life, my family into a gigantic mess. I broke 7 ribs and puntured a lung. It changed me. Changed my attitude. Changed how I see things. Most importantly, I finally knew my purpose.

I picked up my camera, lets try again. Kids ARE my life. I’m usually a kid magnet. I could do this. I was going to do it. 

I started in my living room and doing outside sessions. I really did not know what I was doing. I knew safety requirements for newborns and children, but my pictures were awful (I thought they were great then!). I turned to learning my DSLR. Hours of studying, so many experiments, figuring out lighting. It was a headache.

Whoa! I’m writing a book! I promise, my future posts will not be so long.

After getting tired of having to set up and tear down sets in my living room, I cleared out our breezeway – fixed the drywall, laid new flooring, put my new logo on the window and bam! I was in business!! – Happy Dance!

June 2015. I sat with my husband and discussed finances. The huge advantage of me working from home. And the potential financial risk of just starting out. But hey, I’m really smart, so I officially went full time as a photographer. 

A Memory In Time has taken me on a journey that I LOVE to attend everyday. I’ve learned so much on my own, made friends and was living my dream, WORKING WITH INFANTS & KIDS along with my own business!