Decatur Indiana Newborn and Child Photographer – Erick’s Airplane {Cake Smash}

When Erick’s mommy contacted me, she was unsure of a theme for a cake smash. After chatting about what she would like and directing her to my album of backdrops, she fell in love with my airplane backdrop and requested an airplane set up.

I was very excited to be able to put together this airplane cake smash and immediately found a paper airplane template on Google, printed and started making the colorful airplanes. I then cut cloud shapes out of white felt and put some stuffing inbetween 2 layers and glued the edges.

When Erick came into the studio with his mommy, daddy and uncle, he was beyond smiley! We barely had to do anything at all and he was smiling ear to ear.

But, that all changed when we put Erick next to his cake. He stared at it in disgust and refused to touch it. Even tho it looked adorable!, and was super good cake (I made it!). I had Erick’s mommy give him just a little taste, and he spit it out. And cried.

So, plan B went into play. We removed the suspenders in case they were irritating him. Then we put some Gerber Puffs on top and a little inside the cake. This got his attention a little bit. Then a sucker went into the cake, which is when he finally started to actually touch the cake, but not much.

So, unexpected plan C. We put some aviator sunglasses on him that he LOVED earlier in his session. The smiles just kept coming after that!

Who really needs to eat a ton of cake anyway?!

Diaper cover, cake stand, ONE letters, stool and aviator sunglasses are available for studio use.

A Memory In Time Photography is a maternity, birth, newborn, milestone, cake smash, and child photographer. The studio is located in Decatur, Indiana and serves the entire surrounding area including Fort Wayne, Roanoke, Bluffton, Berne, Geneva, Portland, Willshire and Van Wert Ohio.

To schedule your own session with A Memory In Time Photography, please click here.

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